Power Outage Partners Provides

Life Saving Power to Life Support Patients

For life support users living at home, power outages can trigger a life and death race against time. 

About Us

Today, Power Outage Partners is working to provide life-saving power to life support patients living at home so they can breathe a little easier the next time the power goes out.

Power Outage Partners is an innovative new initiative that provides life support patients with funding so they can purchase additional battery capacity to extend device run time, affording more time to safely evacuate.  In short duration outages, the need to evacuate may be averted.

The inaugural Power Outage Partners initiative is launching in Louisiana, a state that has seen more than its share of natural disasters. Power Outage Partners stands ready to help other jurisdictions boost power outage support for life support users. Click here to access the ASTHO Toolkit and other resources to help your jurisdiction step up power outage assistance for life support users.

David Taylor, of Ft. Worth, TX, and his mother Dorothy.
Power Outage Perils

Stories of Survival and Loss

Share your story of survival or loss to help policy makers understand the urgent need to boost power outage support for life support users.

Project Showcase

Cutting Edge Solutions for Life Support Users

Louisiana is breaking new ground with its inaugural Power Outage Partners project. California utilities have also launched groundbreaking initiatives. Will your jurisdiction be next?

Launch an Initiative

ASTHO Toolkit Provides Roadmap to Success

ASTHO’s comprehensive toolkit will serve as a roadmap, helping your jurisdiction launch a Power Outage Partners initiative modeled after Louisiana’s project, or guiding you in the development and launch of other approaches matched to your jurisdiction’s available resources.

Showcase Partners

Strength in Partnerships

The success of Power Outage Partners rests on its partnerships with disability and patient advocacy organizations, government agencies, durable medical equipment suppliers and leading manufacturers of advanced battery technologies. We’re proud to showcase our partners and invite you to become a partner today. 

Why This Work Matters

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No one should be left powerless, especially during critical moments. Whether you’re a person living with a disability, a caregiver, a health organization, or a concerned citizen, we need your involvement to continue making an impact. Help us advocate for policy changes, support initiatives, and educate communities.

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