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Storm Ravaged Louisiana Becomes First State to Launch Power Outage Partners Initiative

Few states have borne a greater toll from natural disasters than Louisiana. Hurricane Katrina ravaged the state in 2005, killing nearly 1,600 residents. Less deadly but still powerful hurricanes have pummeled Louisiana since. Other natural disasters have also wreaked havoc, including a 2021 winter storm that triggered widespread power outages across northern Louisiana.

Louisianans have always been resilient so it’s no surprise that Louisiana is launching the nation’s first Power Outage Partners project, a groundbreaking initiative that provides life-saving power to life support patients during power outages.

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) began planning work in July 2021 with CDC funding and project management support from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO). Today, invasively ventilated Louisianans living at home, who require 24/7 access to power, are receiving funding to purchase additional batteries to extend ventilator runtime, affording more time for evacuation planning. In short duration outages, the need for evacuation may be averted altogether.

Invasively ventilated Louisianans, or a family member or caregiver, interested in applying for funding can contact their support coordination agency which can provide guidance on the application process. 

Invasively ventilated Louisianans served by any of the following DME suppliers can also contact their DME supplier for additional information about the application process.

  • Access Respiratory
  • Breathing Care
  • VieMed
If your current DME supplier is not partnered yet with Power Outage Partners, please work with your support coordination agency to obtain additional information about the program. If you don’t have a support coordination agency, please email for more information.

For other jurisdictions inspired by Louisiana’s Power Outage Partners initiative, ASTHO has published a Toolkit that chronicles the Louisiana project and serves as a roadmap jurisdictions can use to boost power outage support for life support users.