A major challenge facing life support and DME users is the lack of insurance coverage for external batteries that would significantly extend device run time during power outages. Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance providers do not cover the cost of external batteries, a shortsighted policy that places the nation’s most vulnerable citizens in greater danger during outages. 

The Clean Energy Group’s Home Health Care In The Dark report called for reforms to Medicare policy to enable battery storage devices to be included as an allowable durable medical equipment (DME) expense. Similar changes to Medicaid policy and private health insurance rules would extend this important reform to all insured patients. Achieving these changes will require coordinated advocacy at the federal and state level, vital work that Power Outage Partners stands ready to support through collaboration with disability advocacy groups and other stakeholders.

Individuals and organizations interested in joining this advocacy effort are encouraged to sign up as a Power Outage Partner today. 

Power Outage Partners looks forward to working with other stakeholders to help shape and support a coordinated advocacy effort at the federal and state level to achieve the policy changes needed to make life support and DME users safer during power outages. If you share the same goal, become a Power Outage Partner to add your voice or your organization’s voice to the call for action. 


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The success of Power Outage Partners in Louisiana is due in large part to the support provided by a number of government agencies, disability and patient advocacy organizations, and durable medical equipment suppliers.  

Power Outage Partners gratefully recognizes these partners, including those working to expand Power Outage Partners beyond Louisiana.