We partner with many of the leading disability advocacy organizations and other important stakeholders to make a difference for life support patients.


Partner with Us

The success of Power Outage Partners in Louisiana is due in large part to the support provided by a number of government agencies, disability and patient advocacy organizations, and durable medical equipment suppliers.

Power Outage Partners gratefully acknowledges these partners, including those working to expand Power Outage Partners beyond Louisiana. If you or your organization would like to support Power Outage Partners in Louisiana or elsewhere, become a Power Outage Partner today!

DME Partner Spotlight

As Eric Cote began his work with the Louisiana Department of Health to accelerate planning for the inaugural Power Outage Partners initiative, several durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers in Louisiana went above and beyond to support the project. De-identified information provided by these DME suppliers, when combined with state Medicaid data, helped LDH officials more accurately estimate the number of invasively ventilated Louisianans and the type of ventilators they were using.

This data  gave project leaders valuable insight into the appropriate battery solutions for individuals and also enabled early cost projections for equipping invasively ventilated Louisianans with additional battery capacity. Power Outage Partners gratefully acknowledges these DME suppliers for their support and devotion to their patients. 

Tia Sibley, RRT
Baton Rouge
Market Manager

Beau Barrett, RRT
Business Unit Leader
Access Respiratory Homecare

Kortney Tankersley
Ken’s Thrifty Way Pharmacy and Home Medical, Inc.